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Eating To Minimise Inflammation

In our environment of evolutionary adaptiveness (the environment where we spent a large chunk of our time evolving), our omega 3 (DHA and EPA primarily from seafood) to 6 (seed/vegetable oils) ratio was approximately 1:1. This reduced the instances of inflammatory diseases, including general soft tissue inflammation, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The modern diet has a decrease in omega 3 and an increase in omega 6 (from vegetable oils, grain and grain-based livestock feed), with some estimates putting the current ratio at up to 1:25.

A diet with a lot of omega-6 and not much omega-3 will increase inflammation. A diet of a lot of omega-3 and not much omega-6 will reduce inflammation.

To tip the ratio in your favour, your diet should consist of:

  • PROTEIN (lean and unmodified animal protein – Fish, red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs. High bioavailability varieties are preferable.),
  • CARBOHYDRATES (unprocessed and uncultivated – Lots of vegetables. Some fruit and berries. Low Glycaemic Index varieties of each are preferrable).
  • FAT (minimally refined sources of animal and plant fat – naturally occurring fat in meat, nuts, seeds, avocado, extra virgin olive oil).

This way of eating will best maximise muscle and nervous system recovery, and encourage the maintenance of a favourable omega 3:6 profile.

SUMMARY: To minimize inflammation, eat the closest modern equivalent possible to “animals caught via hunting, and unculivated plant foods from gathering”.

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